Welcome on Skyrice Website

Sky Rice is one of the few companies in Europe that is specialized in the bulk trade of broken rice for the  petfood industries and the cattle feed sector.

Sky Rice   has a centralized storage, production and logistic facilities at  their new site in BE-2321 Meer, Belgium.

The company is GMP+ certified and operates fully according to the HACCP rules which is translated into an integrated quality management system starting from the selection of suppliers, loading at origin, transportation, storage, production until final delivery to the customers. Sky Rice has the ability to customize its product delivery accordance with the specific quality, packaging and delivery requirements of their customers. 

Sky Rice offers and guarantees:

√ Total control from the origin until the delivery at final destination

√ No contamination possible with other products

√ Cleaned products

√ A perfect product traceability

√ Short delivery time

√ Customized delivery

The outstanding experience and market knowledge in the rice enables Sky Rice to provide their customers timely with the correct market information and the best possible service according to each specific demand  at the best terms and conditions.